On the need for promotion of research and high-quality data support in fi d development projects and design of surface facilities

Alexandr V. Grishagin LLC “SamaraNIPIneft” Samara  
Oleg V. Gladunov JSC “Samaraneftegas” Samara  
Artur E. Manasian JSC “Samaraneftegas” Samara  
Gennadiy G. Gilaev JSC “Samaraneftegas” Samara  
Tatyana N. Abramkina JSC “Samaraneftegas” Samara  
The authors emphasize the fact that surface facilities projects often lack initial data even when this data is enough for a development project. The article substantiates the role of scientific research, including basic research, for reliable design of complex facilities.
Materials and methods
The authors have analyzed the list of qualitative and quantitative parameters in accordance with the table forms for initial data contained in the recommended practice for development design. The article provides exemplary statistical values (in relation to sample volume) showing that development design documents often lack data that serves as the initial data for design works related to oil-field surface facilities.
The authors propose a number of specific requirements for a set of parameters that constitute the initial data for designing surface facilities at the stages of research and preparing project design documentation.
In the absence of initial data required and suffi ient for designing the facility, it is necessary to conduct additional scientifi research. Involvement of unconventional petroleum deposits with anomalous properties of reservoir and surface conditions requires that the set of research activities should not be limited to the investigations that are usually carried out for typical reservoirs and saturating fluids.
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