Editorial council

Helmut Gaertner (Germany) Sc.D., vice-president and president EAGE (June 2000 June 2002), chairman of the Membership and Cooperation committee (June 2002 June 2008), and as chairman of the PACE committee (December 2004 June 2010)
Tayfun Babadagli (Canada) Sc.D., professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, at the University of Alberta, Canada
Leila A. Abukova Sc.D., professor, director of Oil and Gas Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Lubov K. Altunina Sc.D., professor, senior research associate, head of laboratory oil's colloid chemistry of Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Mikhail Yu. Akhapkin Ph.D., deputy chief engineer in JSC "Central Geophysical Expedition"
Mars A. Ashirmamedov (Turkmenistan) Sc.D., chief researcher of State consern "Turkmennebit" "Nebitgazylmytaslama" Insutute, laureate of the USSR State Prize in the field of science and technology, Turkmenistan
Irina O. Bayuk Sc.D., chief researcher of the Institute of Physics of the Earth. O.Yu. Schmidt of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Nesiphan A. Bektenov (Kazakhstan) Sc.D., professor of JSC Institute of Chemical Sciences. AB Bekturova
Vasiliy I. Bogoyavlenskiy Sc.D., corresponding member of the RAS, chief researcher of Oil and Gas Research Institute of the RAS, professor of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University)
Yuriy A. Volozh Sc.D., chief researcher of Geological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, specialist in seismic stratigraphy, geotectonics and oil geology
Georgy N. Gogonenkov Sc.D., professor, first deputy general director of JSC "Central Geophysical Expedition"
Sergey L. Golofast Sc.D., professor, graduate of design-technological faculty of Kurgan Engineering Institute.
Victor I. Zavidey Sc.D., chief researcher of Russian Federal Nuclear Center VNIITF, professor of National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute"
Ilya M. Indrupskiy Sc.D., lead researcher of Oil and Gas Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. professor of RAS, professor of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
Zakir Sh. Ishmatov Ph.D., associate professor of Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin
Alim F. Kemalov Sc.D., professor of Federal Kazan University, director of research and production center "Inventa"
Ruslan A. Kemalov Ph.D., assistant professor of heavy oil and natural bitumen Kazan Federal University
Elena N. Kotel'nikova Sc.D., professor of Department of Crystallography of the Faculty of Geology, St. Petersburg State University
Oleg V. Lukyanov Head of technology development department "Chemical Treatment of Wells" Business Unit of "Mirrico" group company
Victor S. Manukov Geophysicist mining engineerspecialist in oil seismic and international scientific and technical cooperation