Savings in constructing on permafrost should be effective: Recommendations to the customer

Dmitriy G. Dolgikh SPA “Fundamentstroyakros” LLC Tyumen, Russian Federation  
In the current economic situation, oil and gas companies have to look for ways to improve the efficiencyof investment in the development of deposits. Customers and investors realize the necessityto minimized costs. In the same time an order of reducing costs to 10% shouldn’t be a cause ofdeterioration of oil production rate. Frost soil should be protected from thawing to prevent loss of stability of the construction. Usually thisis treated as an unpleasant but inevitable additional costs and trying to reduce it as much as possible. In this regard, potential customers should be awared about the importance of the quality ofheat stabilizers. Currently, some manufacturers, seeking to follow the requirements of the price cut, produced heat stabilizers thatnot even theoretically capable toprovide a stiffness structures for life. There are several important points that need to pay attention.
Materials and methods
An audit of various manufacturers of heat stabilizers, analysis of technical solutions for their compliance with regulations.
During audit of various manufacturers of heat stabilizers were revealed a lot unacceptable defects of products already at the stage of delivery.
When choosing a manufacturer of heat stabilizers for its object, the customer should be guided by the following criteria:
• Material of body heat stabilizer(steel 20 or 09G2S);
• Brand of the pipe (seamless witha minimum thickness of 3 mm);
• Brand of applied electrodes(OK50);
• Control of welds (100% X-raycontrol in manual welding,or 100% computer control for automatic welding);
• Material of anti-corrosioncoating (zinc coating of at least 80 mkm);
• The presence of inert gases in the coolant (the degree of purification is not less than 99.9%);
Application time of thermal stabilizer (not less than 30 years) Otherwise, replacing a heat stabilizer is inevitable within a few years.
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